Monday, April 23, 2012

SimVannia Waters - Introduction

In the beginning was Sims1 - and I played SimVannia Waters with all my favourite sims. There was Pixella, her sisters and the ones who they interacted with. I loved those stories - and sometime in the future I will put them up on this blog. It was the start of BHIS (Big Hand in the Sky) a term that was borrowed from another simmer (and I can't remember who now).

Pixella was an adult in Sims 1. After all, all we had were children and adults, oh and babies.

Sims 2 came along, and Pixella tried to come as an adult... but it really didn't suit her and I thought her time in the simsverse was over.

Playing Sim2, I was captivated by Pleasantview and the people in it, and built up a story and history around them. New Sims for different challenges and history was developed due to SimPixels - and those will be added here too.

Then I played a legacy and had more sims who I'd fallen in love with.

I lost the Pleasantview that I had played and mourned the sims that I had lost.

I tried to create SVW again in Sims 3 - but it just didn't happen. And I felt that something was wrong.

So 2012, I started to plays Sims2 again. And discovered that I could resurrect different parts of my old game - and so the stories of SimVannia Waters could live again.

But because it is a new hood, there are some things that will be lost. And some things that will be new and changed. And I'm really looking forward to playing my families again!

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  1. Wow, Kiri, your story of how you played your sims and lost them, and refound being able to play some of Simvannia Waters again, sounds so much like my experience. I'm really glad you were able to resurrect some parts of your game!