Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The residents of Miss Crumplebottom's home for Abandoned Children.

I'm in the process of making over the hood with new defaults, and happened on some old photos of the residents of Miss C's orphanage.

Miss Crumplebottom is an underpaid worker in the social service. She is the one that collects the children when they are neglected and abused. She's the one that has to heal their hurts, and hear their cries. And she's the one that struggles to put food on the table for them and pay for heating when the government keeps cutting back on funding to the service.

In Sims1 Miss C was a prude that couldn't bear the thought of people showing affection to each other. At SimVannia Waters it's clear why - she no longer can discern between people showing affection and the creation of neglected and abused children. Her bitterness and struggle with the government is the stuff of legend.

Her current residents are 5 girls and 2 boys.
Ali was abandoned by his single mother, when her boyfriend decided he didn't want to be a father as well. He was left in a box at the orphanage with just a blanket around his small naked body, and a note to say his name was Ali.

Ali adores Miss C, he was never happy unless Miss C cuddled him before bed and he made up tunes on the xylophone to please her. As a child he is calm, well-behaved, and hides his homework every day so that he doesn't have to show that he can't read.

Roxie is one of 3 Sisters - the others being Pixella and Brandi. Roxie is the youngest, She is incredibly outgoing, brash and loud. If there's a temper tantrum happening, Roxie is the one to have it.

Brandi is the oldest of the Ezbug sisters. (Yes, there is a long reason why they have the name of Ezbug. No, I'm not going into it). She has always felt responsible for her siblings, especially Roxie, and as a consequence is generally very serious.

Pixella Ezbug is the middle sister. All 3 were brought to the home when their parents died in a car crash after attending a political event. They have an aunt who was listed in the will as god-parents, but the authorities have as yet to track her down. Pixella is a sociable child. She makes friend with everyone and is distressed if she is not on the best of terms with all around her.  Pixella in her Sims1 incarnation has a mystical link with 'the Big Hand in the Sky' who's not so much a deity as an irritating authority figure!

Paolo is not sure why he is at the home. He knows that he is the son of foreign royalty and they will come and get him when the unrest is over. As a consequence he believes that it is important to act in a regal manner, and to be kind to the commoners he's with. Miss C knows that his mother died of overseas while on holidays, and that his father is completely broken down and unable to look after him. Paolo's father is in the process of getting help, and Miss C hopes that one day soon Paolo's father will come for him. As it is, Paolo's father never even visits.

Emma and Jemma are twins. Jemma is an intellectual genius, and Emma isn't far behind. These fraternal twins were orphaned when their parents were involved in a skiing accident at Three Lakes. They were brought to the home, when no relatives could be found. Miss C still hopes that somehow relatives will be found.


  1. Oh my gosh, Emma and Jemma are just the cutest! I love them already.

    I really like the back story you've come up with for Miss Crumplebottom as well.

  2. Thanks for commenting!

    Emma and Jemma are very, very cute :) Although to be honest, I'm biassed I think all the kids are cuties.

    They were started as a 7 toddler Challenge, that was posted up at SimPixels. I'm going to put up all the posts that were there about SVW here. As long as I get off my backside and get moving. :)

  3. Roxie sounds very spirited, and poor Paolo, he seems like he'll be set up for disappointment. They ARE all so cute. And the story for Miss C is good-- explains her prudishness and her anger/bitterness.