Friday, February 22, 2013

Cupid's been back to the Bubble-maker - Part 01

The Cupid Challenge - A Quickie

Take 2 sims, make them opposites in every way - no shared interests, star sign incompatible, turn-ons that do not describe describe them, and turn-offs that do.
If you can make one have an extreme 10 point to the other's 0 point in interests, and traits so much the better!
No Hacks that improve relationships - ACR is out!

Goal: Get them to fall in love, and have a want to get engaged or married.

So since I created this challenge, I should share my version

Millefleur Grey and Ellora Danaan moved into Pleasantview. And took townhouses next to each other.

Millefleur took the bigger one and THEN realised that it needed major works to be able to use his double bed... he was left with $109 and not too much furniture. He's still waiting on the Bar and stereo.

Ellora took the smaller, and with careful planning - got everything in it that she needed as a knowledge sim.

Both of them got a job... and then well... I played Ellora first.

The good news is - Millefleur was in her welcoming party.
The Bad news is - they turned up while she was at work, and when she finally came home... everybody had gotten bored and left. The bald woman in the red and white is Nina Caliente. This is what a sim in custom gear when it's not loaded up looks like.

You remember Jimmy Phoenix, yes? Well after Ellora did her thing at home she decided to go out and have some fun. After all she is an Outgoing sim. No Millefleur - but she did have the hots for Jimmy! Look out Millefleur - you got some competition man!

So OK. It doesn't look like Ellora's going to meet Millefleur that way. Time to play Millefleur and see if she turns up in the welcoming commitee.

Well, that's a no. But what's this? Why's Dina Caliente crying? Simply because Jimmy gave her a good poking and yelling at. I don't think he's forgiven her for what happened between her and his wife (Zoe). You can see their history at Stories from the Sims Zone.

Well. Millefleur couldn't just stand for that, could he? Brandi and Jimmy were sent home. And the gallant Millefleur comforted Dina. A Lot. "You can call me Milly" he sparkled.

Just when BHIS thought that these two would never meet - Ellora walks past. She rowr's at his house - so I took this as a good sign... WRONG! Ellora almost threw up seeing Millefleur in shop assistant gear. Milly looked at her and thought... red-headed, stuck-up, arrogant, mis-begotten sim!

BHIS grinned evilly. Milly gave me a look as if to say. Her! you want me with her! You have got to be kidding me!!!

She thought his jokes were boring. They had NO topics of conversation in common. The only thing they could do without wanting to throw up was watch the footy on his new telly.

At the end of their first meeting:

Ellora: If I walk the other way to the shops I never have to see this sim again. Right?

Millefleur: Dina's Hot! Ellora's Not! I can put up a screen or a fence or something so I don't ever have to know she's there. Can't I?

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  1. Oh, if I had $5 for every time I have waited, and waited, and waited, for sims to meet each other (without cheats), I could buy all the Sims 3 games, I think! I'm glad they finally met!

    I never saw this challenge anywhere before but it is fodder for a lot of very comic situations. It is so hilarious, them gagging at each other.