Monday, March 4, 2013

Cupid's been back to the bubblemaker Part 2

 Previously - Part 1

Playing with Millefleur didn't go well... And both of them think other people are hot. Time to try something different...

Ellora had come home from her job.

"I'm bored. bored. bored. bored. bored. I need someone to talk to! And not that floral guy he was way boring!!!"

Time to go DOWNTOWN... where everyone's waiting for you... (apologies to Petula Clark)

Random Pick - Bowling Alley! That'll do.

"Oh. My. Plumbob! It's that boring guy! Quick where can I hide?"
BHIS (alias Cupid on bubbles C.O.B.): Go talk to him.

"I don't believe it.... I have no control over my body! No! Don't do it body, Don't do it!!!"

M: Hi. (Sheesh! I'm backed into a corner)
E: Hi. How are you? (How do I get away?)
M: Fine. And You? (step away from the elf lady, step away from the elf!)
E: Fine. I'm fine too. (Please, let this torture end!!)
M: That's good. (Please please, let this torture end!!)

Millefleur manages to escape the counter corner at this point. Ellora follows lurchingly - propelled by C.O.B - against her will.
BHIS: Ask him what's his interests

E: So tell me? What do you do? (When you're not boring the pants of young, attractive elves?)
M: mmm I appreciate food - especially curries and chinese food. I do love trying the unusual. (And you're not unusual...)

BINGO! A Mutual love of food!!

E: Really? Me too! I've been getting cookbooks out from the bookstore and trying new things!
M: Cool! I'd love to try something of yours someday....Um Food! I mean I'd love to try some of your recipes.
E: Ok! That sounds good - if you don't mind some experimenting.

Discussion about Desserts and a joint criticism of chefs who cook like robots, and The top Red Light special restaurants ensues...

E: (hmmm maybe he's not so boring after all)
M: (You know, in a dark room with my eyes closed.. she'd be ok.)
E: What about a game of Pool?
M: Sure!

The pool was a close match - Ellora got the striped balls, and Millefleur was second up. Ellora looked good as she potted her balls, but Millefleur dashed out from behind and won the game.

E: I can't believe you beat me!!
M: Next time we'll play for money <cheeky grin>
E: Not a chance Matey - next time we play for a meal. Loser pays!
M: You're on!

So at the end of this "Not a date"

Ellora: Any man that's willing to try my food, is worth talking to. I still can't believe he beat me at pool!

Millefleur: Ellora's not hot, but she's got a something I can't put my finger on. She maybe alright as a mate.

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  1. Whoa, up to 47/3; that's pretty impressive. Of course, chefs that cook like robots is a ROCKIN' topic of conversation, and a little bit of competition is story-book for inspiring chemistry.