Friday, March 8, 2013

Cupid's been back to the Bubblemaker - Part 3

Previously Part 1, Part 2

So things went well at the bowling alley - even though
a. it wasn't a date and
b. they only talked to each other because C.O.B. (Cupid on Bubbles) forced them to ...

And then.... a surprising thing happened: Lonely and shy Millefleur started ringing Flat-out and busy Ellora regularly... as in EVERY DAY! AND.... ALL ON HIS OWN!!!!

E: Who's this?
M: Guess! I'll give you a hint though - we played with balls, and mine were smaller but I still came up from behind and beat you.
E: Millefleur! How you doing guy!
M: Doing well! Looking forward to giving you a good beating again! I believe there's a meal on offer as well.

Next Day:

M: Hi ya Ellora, how have you been?
E: You'll never believe what happened last night! I fell asleep in my food!
M: Wow! You need to spend more time in bed girl! Maybe I need to help you out there. <wicked snicker>
E: Sure M, <laughs and rolls her eyes> I was pulling pasta out of my hair. Talk about eeuw!
M: Eeuw indeed! I bet the food still tasted good.

Next Day:
M: Hiya gorgeous!
E: Hiya M! Good to hear you! how ya doin' man?
M: Thinking I should invite myself over, ya know? It's time for you to pay up that meal.
E: But you haven't won yet!
M: I am THAT confident
E: We'll see. Work's a bit hectic - and I hate it!
M: Tell me about it sweet - maybe I can help.
 5 Days, 5 conversations later, and Ellora lights up when she hears Millefleur's voice.

E: Guess What!!
M: What?
E: I did what you suggested I quit my job!!! I feel great!
M: Told you, you would! What about part two?
E: I sent in my CV and they snapped me up straight away! I'm now heading down the career superhighway!
M: I'm so glad it worked out for you sweetheart.
E:... <silence>
M: Ellora?
E: ...<silence>
M: You there?
E: Yeah - I'm here. I was wondering, would you like to come over for a swim and a meal. I want to say thankyou.
M: Sure - I'll be over momentarily.

Ellora felt suddenly shy. She berated herself "He's so not my type! He's just a nice man."
She fanned herself, she was blushing all over.
"Yeah right." she thought "I'm blushing over a guy who's not even interested in me."

Why she should care about whether he's interested in her or not, does not cross her mind. AND completely ignored that he's been ringing her every day!

Mmmm.... Pork Chops, and Millefleur in his swimmers! Rrowr! Down BHIS! Down!
Millefleur can't convince Ellora to go swimming - there's something about taking her clothes off in front of him that's gotten her all mumbling.

But she is surprisingly enjoying the view of Millefleur in his swimmers, and now it's HIS turn to get all embarassed!

They move closer, and closer to each other, both blushing profusely.

M: (But she's not hot. She's just a really sweet girl. And I can hardly look at her... and man what a chest!)
E: (Breathe, damn you! Breathe!)
M: You're looking really good tonight
E: I am? That's, That's really nice of you, You're looking good too!
M: But I'm just wearing my swimmers, and I've got goose bumps from the cold.
E: Um...
M: ( I gotta get me some of her!)

 E: "Your hand is cold!"
Millefleur swoons as Ellora takes his hand and kisses it.

 But it doesn't take him long, to engulf her in an embrace. They stare at each other for a long time.

E: Are you going to kiss me?
M: Do you want me to?
Ellora drops her head to his chest. She can hardly breathe.
Millefleur lifts her head with one hand and places a soft kiss on her lips.
He waits for a response. Nothing happens.
He breaks away from her disappointed and starts to walk away.

They make it inside, and Ellora grabs him in a hug.

E: Yes. I want you to kiss me.

This time when they kiss, she kisses him back.

So at the end of this episode:

M: What's hotness got to do with it? She's a wonderful woman, and I want to see more of her.

E: Um... I thought he was so not hot... but he's got a great sense of humour, he's kind, and a gentleman... maybe he's more of the right sort of hot.

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  1. This is one of the best sim romances, ever! Great picture of Ellora lighting up, and all the tension with the kissing...