Sunday, March 10, 2013

Cupid's been back to the bubblemaker - Part 4

Previously Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

So the question arises... just how "in crush are they - and how much would it take to push them into love sweet love.

Well Millefleur is dreaming of Dina, but he wakes up with Ellora on his mind - it's time to get that woman on a date!

M: Do you like to get down and boogie?
E: Sure - where do you want to go?
M: P.U.R.E, I can't wait to see you on the dance floor.
E: OK - I'll be over in a second.

Millefleur gets out his best gear - long coat, boots with buckles, leather everywhere - he is one cool dude!

The cuddling starts in the taxi, and by the time they get to their destination they can't keep their hands off each other. Checking E's wants - she wants to woohoo!

Millefleur is almost a gentleman though, so he gives her compliments and a backrub - and takes her breath away.

They never actually made it to the dance floor this night. A woman with an itch to scratch cannot be denied - especially when there's a vacant hot tub on the roof.

It's easy to see that Ellora is more than hooked when it comes to Millefleur. But how does Millefleur feel?

Millefleur can't believe it when Ellora starts stripping down in front of him. They both leap into the tub, and Millefleur offers Ellora another massage. She gratefully accepts, and Millefleur gets his first close encounter with her bare skin. A little cuddle later, and Ellora makes sure that she gets what she wants!

Millefleur gets his dream date? Who'd have known it would be this easy?

This is the first time I've seen this - a Woohoo sim who has A Want to get engaged, A fear of getting engaged, a fear of being rejected for an engagement - and at one point there was also a fear of being wedded.

Warning signals are going off in his head. Does Millefleur want to get married or not?

M: AARGH!!!! You're asking me to make a decision!!! Why can't you make it for me!

E: mmmmmmm

M: On the other hand, going to bed every night with this vixen would be an everlasting adventure. She's so enthusiastic! And she's definitely got curves in the right places. I never thought I would fancy a redhead - but she hasn't lost her temper with me once!

The problem with enthusiasm, is that it can scare commitment-shy guys away. Millefleur gets the flowers and card and is thrilled to get them.

He spends that morning building himself a trophy room, and puts a lock on the door.

That afternoon he heads down to the bowling alley. Mmmmmm Nina! Turn my head girl, turn my head!

M: I'm not ready to settle down! I've got my wild oats to sew!!

At the end of this, their first 2 dates.

E: This is it. I want him. I want to marry him. I want to practice having babies. By Maxis, What a kisser!!!

M: She's a special girl. She deserves someone special. Someone who can be devoted to her. I love being with her. but.... So Many women! not enough Millefleur to go around!

Well by the terms of the challenge - I'm finished, they're in love. And a difficult road it was too. But now Nina is on the scene. So what will happen with them next?


  1. Oh, wow, he's really mixed up, isn't he?! I love those simultaneous want and fear rolls, especially when its something out of character for their aspiration like this.

  2. Thanks for commenting. I think it's the only time in the whole time I've been playing Sims 2 that I've ever seen a romance sim get and engaged want. And it seems perfect that it was a fear as well. :)

  3. Every time I've seen a romance sim get an engagement want, it has been with the fear. I wonder what's going to happen.