Monday, April 29, 2013

Sapphira Legacy - 10 - Back at the Ranch

Back at home life continued on - in some ways more boisterously than before. Unlike the twins, Milan was a very friendly teen and always seemed to fill the house with friends and noise. Many was the day when Sapph or Ben would come home and find their lawn taken over by people they've never met playing kicky-bag or hanging out and talking about things that made Sapph blush. Milan was definitely not a shy boy.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Sapphira Legacy - 09 - The Cat's Away Pt 1

So Sapphira's twin joys hit the university campus, and the campus wasn't sure what had hit it.

Sapphira Legacy - 08 - Time Flies

Sapph's mild yearning for a girl - ended up in an unexpected situation. She hadn't spoken of it to Ben, and yet she was pregnant.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Sapphira Legacy - 02 - One Step forward, two steps back

Sapphira and Ben were getting along just fine. Sapphira had convinced Ben that the severe haircut looked better grown out, and as so many of the other male doctors at the practice had beards, he'd decided to let his grow.  So far, the moustache was coming up but the beard was still fairly wispy. Sapphira liked it though and was all the time touching it and rubbing his face. So Ben wasn't upset about that at all.

Sapphira Legacy - 07 - Growing Pains

The story so far: Sapphira and Ben loved their boys, and both worked hard to bring them up well. Bozidar and Janacek - the twins, are now teens and Milan is a budding Toddler.

Sapphira Legacy - 06 - Life goes on

When Sapphira noticed that Riva had disappeared, she rushed out of the house, and chased after her.

"Come back Riva - we owe you so much! Please! We are forever in your debt."

Sapphira Legacy - 05 - Riva

That night was Ben and Sapphira's darkest time. Sapphira was inconsolable, and no matter how Ben tried to comfort her, she lay curled on the floor and refused to get up.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sapphira Legacy - 04 - A Nasty Shock

Things slowly improved for Sapphira, Ben, Janacek and Bozidar. Sapphira was still very tired, but she got enough help from the nanny to build up her strength to be able to stay awake for longer periods of time.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Sapphira Legacy - 03 - More Setbacks

Ben led Sapphira to the sofa and wrapped his arms around her. "And now my love, there is a story you need to tell me. Your story before I met you."

Sapphira Legacy - 01 - A Safe Refuge

Sapphira like so many others is a refugee. An orphan, she was used in her childhood to want and sorrow. When she came here, she was given a parcel of land, and a small amount of money. The land was the recompense for losing her family.

Jimmy Phoenix - 12 - Time to Talk

She heard him behind her. Zoe didn't turn around. "Where are the kids?"

Jimmy Phoenix - 11 - Happy Families

Zoe couldn't sleep next to Jimmy. The sense of dread she felt overwhelmed her, and she sneaked out and back to her hard single bed, away from her family.

Jimmy Phoenix - 10 - Another Day

The children were pleased to have Zoe back. The food was better, the house was cleaner, they had clean clothes for school and they could find their toys again.

Jimmy Phoenix - 09 - No Rubicon

Dina was feeling worried. Mort was not getting hooked like he was supposed to. She'd woohoo-ed him, she'd kissed him senseless. But he was looking at her with suspicion and a growing contempt.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Hood Building - Download Links

This is my ongoing list of custom content in SVW

* Ceilings, Floors, Walls, Terrains

Jimmy Phoenix - 08 - Crossing the Line

Matthew and Mark are lovely boys, and Jimmy spends all his time with them. He loves to watch them sleeping (as does B.H.I.S.) And they are perfectly behaved. Their relationships are good with each other and their father.

Jimmy Phoenix - 07 - Twice the Joy

Jimmy and Zoe were now the proud parents of two gorgeous boys.  Matthew and Mark were generally well behaved.

Jimmy Phoenix - 06 - Waiting Expectantly

Dina came over later that day, after taking away Mort.

Jimmy Phoenix - 05 - Moving In

It wasn't long before Jimmy got some visitors... and yup! even after 4 years, Stacey was still beating up on Prof. Zoe.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Jimmy Phoenix - 04 - Senior Year and Graduation

Jimmy found his Senior Term Paper "Political Science Majors: Why you should hate them" a little hard to write - after all Prof. Zoe was the Pol. Sci. professor for first year.

Jimmy Phoenix - 03 - Junior Yr

Jimmy Phoenix was doing well at University so far. A G.P.A. of 4.0, mostly through his own work. A Scholarship to pay for his tuition fees, and entered on the Dean's List again.

Jimmy Phoenix - 02 - Sophmore Yr

Jimmy may have been woo-hooing with Prof. Zoe - but he didn't get his GPA just because of that. Jimmy worked hard at his study, never getting anyone else to do it. When he wasn't working he was playing his guitar at the dorm.

Jimmy Phoenix - 01 - Freshman Yr

Jimmy Phoenix was born of Maxis parents, but to his dismay - he doesn't know who.
His birth certificate tells his sorry story - found in a box with his name written on the side - Jimmy Phoenix.