Sunday, April 28, 2013

Sapphira Legacy - 09 - The Cat's Away Pt 1

So Sapphira's twin joys hit the university campus, and the campus wasn't sure what had hit it.

"Well?" said Jan

"Well?" said Boz, "I reckon we ought to get some rooms and find out what the timetable is for tomorrow."

"Been there. Done that." chuckle Jan. I've even saved a room for you - next to me. "Did you order some furniture with the allowance Dad gave us?"

"Yeah - it'll be delivered sometime tonight."

Jan fluffed up his chest. "Well let me show you around."

"Did you call her?" Boz said quietly.

"What?" Jan started, and started to blush.

"Did you call her?" Boz said again. "You know you want to. Especially now that mum isn't going have a go at you. What the eye does not see, the heart cannot grieve over."

"I can't. I don't know her number."

"Well go call the maid agency - get this place a maid. Who knows - you could get lucky."

Boz rang his mum... he rang his mum every day. He was missing her and his brothers. He was also looking out the window, when Jan saw Kaylynn standing there.

"Hi." said Kaylynn hesitantly, "I hope you don't mind a visit."

"No! no. no. no. no. no. not at all. no. no. no. n-no. Glad to see you. B-better than glad. It's good to see you. R-really. W-would you like a coffee? I can make you some Ramen, if you're hungry. ummm. I'm babbling aren't I? Sorry."

"I missed you at the house today." Kaylynn looked at her feet, "I missed my dance lesson."

"Um.. Yeah. I'm at Uni now... but you know that." Jan could feel a blush coming up from his feet and suffuse his face.

"You could teach me now." Kaylynn said shyly. "If you like." 

She looked up at him through her lashes, as he took her hands. They stared at each other for a while. Not saying anything, their eyes saying more than their shyness would let them.

 Boz turned away to give them privacy.

"Everything's fine here mum." Boz said smugly. "Going well. Though I miss you."

Meantime back on the porch. Jan drew Kaylynn into his arms, and they danced to silent music, held together closer and closer until their heads sat on each other's shoulders and they barely moved in place.

Jan could hear Kaylynn sigh. "Are you ok?" Jan murmured against her shoulder.

"Mmm. I'm fine. Jan." Kaylynn nuzzled his shoulder and neck.

Jan stepped back and looked at Kaylynn. She smiled brightly at him.

"Hello gorgeous boy."

"Hello beautiful lady." Jan brought his hand up to her face, and she leaned into it, her eyes closed.

He drew her face up and brought her lips to his. Their lips tentatively touched. Jan feeling more confident, lined up better and kissed her more thoroughly. He could feel Kaylynn giggling in his mouth.

"What??" he said, stopping the kissing. "Don't I kiss well?"

"You kiss fine. It's just - you and me. I'm older than you. Much older than you." She giggled again. "Don't you think it's funny?"

Jan grabbed her again and kissed her more thoroughly, throwing her back and scorching her skin with kisses down her throat and shoulders. "How about now. Is it funny now?" Jan looked at her intensely.

She looked back at him. Not giggling now. "No. It's not funny."

Jan smiled as he kissed her again.

Jan and Kaylynn looked at each other.

"I've got to go." Kaylynn was a bit breathless from the kissing.

"I'll see you again." It was not a question from Jan. "Tomorrow."

"y-y-yes. Tomorrow." Kaylynn almost ran.

Boz smiled to himself but said nothing as Jan joined him for dinner. They ate their burgers in silence, Jan grinning to himself and thinking of Kaylynn.

"Are you going to marry her?" Boz blurted finally.

"What?!? Marry her?" Boz was amazed, "I only just kissed her - aren't you jumping the gun?"

"You've been flirting with her for 3 years. Do you really think you can play with her and then move on?"

"By Maxis! You're a serious guy Boz. Wait until you've kissed a girl and then see how you feel about getting  engaged straight away! Or should I say kiss a guy?" Jan sniggered.

Boz swatted Jan about the head. "Yeah right. I'll kiss a guy when you make love to Tom Cruise. Ain't going to happen man. I just want to wait for the right woman."

"You never know man - Tom Cruise could be a real go-er in bed." Jan laughed his head off. "Anyways you're not going to find the right woman, if you don't talk to them."  Jan decided then and there to find Boz a woman who'd turn his head.

Kaylynn turned up early the next day for work. She seemed a bit distracted, but cheered visibly when she saw Jan.

"What a kiss!" she thought.

Jan made sure she got more of them after she finished up. Much more. Goal: keep the woman from thinking by making her dizzy with kisses and making out. He succeeded.

In the meantime, Boz took up Math and Jan took up Philosophy, and the timetable meant that they had classes at different times. They'd never really been separated, and Boz felt it hard. He still made few friends, and longed to go home. Regular calls from his Mum and Dad helped a lot, but he wished that Jan spent a little more time with him. Not that he'd say anything.

A quiet word from Ben in Jan's ear one day, and Jan suggested that they have dinner together everyday. Boz felt a little better.

To kill some of his spare time and get some cash, he took up the bass and started busking. Performing was always so much easier than talking to people. And people liked his playing. It wasn't long before he had regulars looking for him, and he could take a hundred simoleans in an hour!

Jan thought this was a good lark - and it wasn't long before he joined Boz, playing the drums. The money came in hand over fist.

"Dude You should drop out of Uni and become a professional musician." a girl said to Boz.

Boz fumbled his playing as he looked at the girl.

"Yeah. Good music Man." said the guy in the dorky haircut to Jan.

Jan smiled and kept on playing, keeping one eye on Boz. Boz was mumbling and going red at the sight of the black-haired girl in glasses. He looked at his bass.

"I-I can't do that. I-I need my degree if I want to get into my s-science career."

She smiled at him, not caring about his shyness. Boz got a sneaky thought in his head.

"Hey girl - what's your name?" he called out to her. "I'm Jan - and the dork on the bass is my brother Boz. Ever thought of joining a band? you've got a great look there."

"Me? No. You've got to be kidding - I'm tone deaf!"

"What about instruments?"

She shook her head. "Oh well you can be a groupie. How's about you take Boz out and get him a decent look?"

"I'm sure she has better things to do with her time." Boz blushed. "Leave her alone Jan."

Jan chuckled. He could see that she was interested in Boz. If only he could convince Boz to talk to her.

Next day, sitting in the lecture hall, Boz was surprised when the same girl came and sat down next to him. They took notes together, without speaking - but Boz' hand was shaking the whole time.

"You might want to copy my notes there Boz." the girl said critically, as she looked over what he'd done "yours are pretty shaky. Do you want a coffee?"

"Um no. I -uh- I've got to go to the library. I've got another class. I need to meet my brother. Um. um."

"Ok OK!" the girl laughed, "I can take the rejection, but only if you promise to  meet me in the quad later this afternoon - I need someone to go over the calculus with me. It's so not making sense to me."

Boz surprised himself. "Ok. I'll bring you some coffee to make up for missing this one."


  1. I've just caught up with this story... looks like its going to be fun with the boys in college now. Looking forward to see how this develops!

  2. I know other folks have found Uni boring, but I've always enjoyed it. Lots of time to do anything else but study! :D