Friday, April 12, 2013

Jimmy Phoenix - 02 - Sophmore Yr

Jimmy may have been woo-hooing with Prof. Zoe - but he didn't get his GPA just because of that. Jimmy worked hard at his study, never getting anyone else to do it. When he wasn't working he was playing his guitar at the dorm.

Working on his term paper - "Rote-Learning: how to sound smart without knowing anything", he spent his time thinking about Zoe and Stacey.

Stacey was a sweet kid, but there was a fire and an excitement to Prof. Zoe that made his skin tingle. When he was with Prof. Zoe, he felt an intensity that made his heart flutter.

On the other hand, his friendship with Stacey had developed quietly, spending time talking and playing kicky bag - he was very fond of her.

But Prof. Zoe.... what exactly was he feeling for her?

Not everyone enjoyed Jimmy's music... Especially not his next door neighbour, and especially not at 2am in the morning. Jimmy didn't know what she was grousing about.

"I like Jazz"

"I don't"

"That's only because you haven't heard enough of it"

"At 2am in the morning I can do without it. For crying out loud - I've got class in the morning!"

Still Jimmy made enough with his busking to keep his bills paid, and have enough for little extras. So she was an isolated case.

Of course, being with Prof. Zoe did help his grades somewhat. He couldn't deny that. So did doing his term paper and assignments, and he went to at least one class a semester. The other kids in his year looked at him strangely, and to tell the truth he didn't recognize most of them.

But every afternoon Prof. Zoe would turn up and they'd retire his room, and make history.

Stacey would still smack her silly if she caught them, and Jimmy learnt the value of a locked door many times. He could hear Stacey fuming on the other side of it, as he watched Prof. Zoe sleep in his bed after their very active woo-hoo.

Prof. Zoe was secretive last year, but more and more she wasn't caring who knew about her developing relationship with Jimmy.

Jimmy wasn't sure about how she felt about him though. All he knew was that they couldn't keep their hands off each other.

Then one afternoon, he left Prof. Zoe sleeping  off the aftermath of their time together, while he went and practised his guitar. He was deeply into a Jimmy Hendrix lick, when there she stood - still in her underwear - not caring who saw her or the way she looked at him.

"You're incredible." She said to him "I can't believe how incredible you are."

And then she kissed him, on the mouth - in front of his dorm-mates, visiting university students, the mascot, the cheerleader, and the kitchen-worker.

This was it - she'd gone public with their relationship.

Jimmy was stunned.

"She must love me." He thought. "This smart, beautiful woman loves me."

He felt a twinge when he decided to not tell Stacey, "She won't understand."

The next week was spent practising his speech in front of the mirror.

"Zoe, I need you to be with me always. I need to know that you are with me because you love me. Not just because we woo-hoo like rabbits. I love you, you're smart and wonderful and intense. I want you in my life. I want to eat breakfast with you when you're a little old lady. I want to die in your arms. I want you to marry me. Will you?"

On the night that he asked, she said yes... but all she could think of was "Lordy, lord what I have gotten myself into?"

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  1. I didn't see that coming-- but totally makes sense that he would fall for her with all the "making history."