Friday, April 12, 2013

Jimmy Phoenix - 04 - Senior Year and Graduation

Jimmy found his Senior Term Paper "Political Science Majors: Why you should hate them" a little hard to write - after all Prof. Zoe was the Pol. Sci. professor for first year.

All he really wanted was to marry and start having his family. In fact his dream was to have grandchildren - lots of them! He could already imagine what it would be like to hold his first grandchild, and be surrounded by family and friends.

On his bad days, he wondered if that would happen with Zoe. Stacey was still around and at times he thought that Stacey would make a better mother. But his heart was with Zoe, so he did his best not to lead Stacey on.

Zoe kept avoiding his questions about marriage, and then his final exam came up, and studying kept him busy.

The exam came and went - and Jimmy kept up his 4.0 GPA, and the deans list.

He passed with flying colours, and graduated with honours in his Bachelor of History degree.

He called up his friends and had a graduation party,  where Zoe and he snuck off and celebrated in their own way.

"I'll be moving back to Pleasantview soon."

"You will? What about me?" Zoe sounded distressed. Jimmy felt pleased.

"I'll ring you when I get there Zoe. You have my heart, you should know that by now."

Prof, Zoe kissed him and held him tightly. Jimmy was not just another student. There was no other that had affected her as he did. And she'd known many.

While Zoe slept off their latest woo-hoo, Jimmy went down and played the guitar. one last time.

His other graduate buddies, and the fraternity guys danced and bopped to the beat.

Prof. Willow had become a close friend, and she did the twist and the fly - all the guys cheered her on as she danced.

Then Stacey turned up.

"BOO!" "BOO!" "What a stinker!"

Jimmy went silent.

"What's your problem?"

"My Problem is you - and your tart Prof. Barrett. You've slept your way to this graduation. You don't deserve it."

Prof. Willow interjected - "That's not true actually. Prof. Zoe has not intervened at all on his part. I should know, he's been my student for the last 2 years."

Jimmy took a drink. "You know Stacey - you need to get over me. It was 3 years ago for crying out loud. Me and Zoe have been engaged for 3 years. Find yourself a life.... please!"

Stacey took a swing at him. "You... you.... you..." she spat.

The guys were not impressed. They picked her up and threw her out of the flat.

Castor said "She's a stalker and a loser. You're better off without her."

"Yeah I know." said Jimmy listlessly, and poured out another beer. "Lets get a graduation Photo"

"Zoe? Zoe!" Jimmy called out, "Picture time!"

Jimmy loaded up the camera, and got everyone lined up for the shot. Zoe was nowhere to be seen.

"Zoe? Zoe! Oh well." And the picture was taken without her.

6 Drinks later, he didn't really mind. "I'm a graduate! Woo! The world is my oyster!"

Prof. Willow came up to him, and placed a light kiss on his lips "Congratulations James - you've been a great student."

Jimmy grabbed her a little uncertainly, and kissed her back fully. The kiss was electric, and Jimmy was dizzy with it.

Dizzy with alcohol and lust and relief - study was finally over. No more crazy term papers or assignments. Just  a great job doing something cool.

Two more hours of drinking, and he was ready to go.

"Ready please, Mr. Music."

The Magic of Change commenced and the lights and confetti appeared.

Jimmy is an adult.

The apartment that he found in Pleasantview, waiting for him was modern (not his favourite style - but the apartment is his - and he decided that he would do it up his way.

But what about Prof. Zoe? Or thinking about it - Stacey or Prof. Willow.

Jimmy was confused, and just wished that Prof. Zoe was here with him.

So Gentle Readers - will Prof Zoe join him in Pleasantview - or is this the last that he'll see her or any of the ladies that have taken up home in his heart?


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