Friday, April 12, 2013

Jimmy Phoenix - 03 - Junior Yr

Jimmy Phoenix was doing well at University so far. A G.P.A. of 4.0, mostly through his own work. A Scholarship to pay for his tuition fees, and entered on the Dean's List again.

Over the semester break he'd spent all his time with Prof. Zoe.

"Darling... when shall we marry?" Jimmy asked her. He held her in his arms as they sat on the grass in the campus square.

"Not until you're out of the dorm sweetheart. I'm not going to move into the dorm."

"So if I move into a flat, you'll marry me?"

"We'll talk about it then, my love."

Jimmy looked at her, and said "I'll move tomorrow."

He checked his bank balance, and did some last minute busking to build it up to a goodly amount. Unfortunately, being an orphan there was no Auntie Rosebud or Uncle Kaching to help him out.

He also did his last assignment in the dorm: Ethnography, or why those people are so strange. While he could get help, he felt that doing his assignment was a better idea, esp. at exam time.

Even Zoe, put money into his jar.

"Play Misty for me" she whispered in his ear.

Stacey still slapped Zoe whenever she got the chance. Zoe was hoping that Jimmy moving to a new flat would mean that they could woo-hoo in peace.

"You've got that woman in there - I can hear you!" Yelled Stacey on the other side of Jimmy's door. The door handle rattled - but Jimmy had thought to lock the door first.

"I'm engaged to him - you bitch! - Leave us alone!" Zoe screeched back.

Jimmy covered her mouth with kisses. "Ignore her" he spoke in her mouth, "You're here with me, remember?"

Jimmy nibbled her ear, and got her woo-hooing until they both fell asleep exhausted. Little meows of delight coming from Zoe.

"Tomorrow" Jimmy thought as he fell asleep "Tomorrow, I'll move out."

It was a cheap flat that he managed to get, and on his own too. He had enough to cover the rent and get some decent furnishings.

He took the guitar with him, when he left the dorm. Though he rarely played it, he had paid for it. And the venom with which the females in the dorm were looking at him...

"Well, I'm not going to give them a chance to destroy my property" he thought.

When he had asked them what their problem was, they replied...

"Well, teacher's pet. We're not impressed with the way you treat Stacey."

"But Stacey and I are just friends - we've never been anything more."

"And if you say that enough times you might even believe it. Gigolo!"

He and Zoe enjoyed the privacy of the flat. It was nice not having Stacey around, and Zoƫ's face was starting to heal up nicely from the bruising.

They didn't manage to make it upstairs to bed this first day... but the couch was quite comfy.

Stacey and her friends didn't come around, and perversely Jimmy felt a little lonely during the day, when the Prof. was working.

He couldn't go back to the dorm though. Too much gloating would go on. And hanging around the coffee lounge waiting for someone to talk to - was just pathetic. So he studied.

And his GPA stayed at 4.0.

"So I have a flat now... So when will we get married?"

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