Thursday, April 18, 2013

Sapphira Legacy - 01 - A Safe Refuge

Sapphira like so many others is a refugee. An orphan, she was used in her childhood to want and sorrow. When she came here, she was given a parcel of land, and a small amount of money. The land was the recompense for losing her family.

She made an audible sigh when she arrived to her land. "Ahhh the land!" She swore that her and hers would never leave this place - the place she would make into a home.

Her first wish was to find a job, helping people. She didn't want anyone to be in the situation she was in. Fortunately, a job as a medical technician was the first thing her eyes alighted on when she picked up the paper.

It wasn't too long before her shy but kind ways caught the eyes of a number of the medical residents. Two in particular were keen - Abhijeet and Benjamin. They were good friends and decided that both would go and visit her.

It wasn't long before Sapphira looked for their visits, and especially that of Benjamin. Benjamin rang her a few days later, and visited Sapphira with a reason that was far more than friendly.

"How are you getting on?" Benjamin came close to her.

"I'm doing alright " Sapphira replied shyly.

Benjamin looked around at her little home - her bathroom being the only place with walls, windows and doors. No bed - just a sofa, a fridge and stove, and a bookcase.

He watched her as she kept nodding off - he worried about how she would be going on, without so much. She wouldn't take charity though, and she was always being hospitable, offering up food to her visitors.

'She has the kindest heart," he thought, 'What a kind, sweet woman.'

"Would you come flat with me, Sapphira? I can help you with your medical studies - and I have a spare room. You don't have to be here on your own."

"You don't understand" Sapphira turned away from him. "This land is all I have - and I won't leave it. It's my home."

She felt  desolate at the thought of leaving.

"I'll say no more." Benjamin replied, "But I hate to see you here struggling."

A couple of days later, he returned. "I know what we'll do."

Sapphira turned to him, just trying to steel herself to him leaving her.

"I'm sorry Ben, I can't leave here."

"I'm not asking you too Sapph." He gathered her in his arms, "I'll come live with you and help you build your home."

"You'd do that for me?" she looked at him wonderingly. "Why would you do that for me - a foreigner and a stranger?"

"I'd do it for you in a heartbeat." He looked at her closely, "Can't you tell why?"


He pulled her towards him, and kissed her - long and deep. "Now can't you guess?"

"Oh Ben!"

That afternoon, Ben returned with suitcase in hand - and some few things from his bachelor pad, including a bed. But Sapphira was too shy to do more than cuddle.

It wasn't too long before Ben wanted more, but Sapphira continued to sleep on the couch. He knew what he wanted from her though - her heart.

Coming home from work, he found that she had stayed up and prepared him a meal, cleaned house and was sitting quietly studying while she was waiting for him.

He looked at her as she smiled sleepily at him, and felt the heaviness of the parcel in his pocket. It was a simple ring, but one that would suit her hand and the simplicity of her spirit.

He took her to the roof, knelt before her and looked up into her eyes.

"You're the star in my constellation - and this ring will sparkle as you do." He held the box up to Sapphira. "Marry me?"

Sapphira put the ring up and launched herself at him, crying with joy. "Yes Ben. I will marry you."

That night she didn't sleep on the couch, and Ben swore that she would never sleep on the couch again.

He realized that  it was her first time, and tried to be gentle - but her enthusiasm for him,  put all chances of that out of his control.

The earth moved... and so did the bed. Fireworks went off between them, and Sapphira fell asleep exhausted and happy afterwards.

Ben stopped to watch her sleep, wondering at his luck at finding such a wonderful woman.

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