Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sapphira Legacy - 04 - A Nasty Shock

Things slowly improved for Sapphira, Ben, Janacek and Bozidar. Sapphira was still very tired, but she got enough help from the nanny to build up her strength to be able to stay awake for longer periods of time.

Ben was burning the candle at both ends, and had to top up the energiser machine so that he could cope with all the demands. It was off-limits for Sapphira though, and the watchful eye of both her husband and the nanny ensured that she didn't return to her old habits.

Ben found Sapph full of shame, and reluctant to touch or look at him. Eventually he took matters into his own hands. One night, the nanny stayed over as Ben wined and dined, danced and bedded his wife. By next morning, her confidence in his love for her was restored, and if she felt like the imperfect wife, she knew he loved her anyway.

The boys adored their mother, and were both incredibly affectionate to her. Both Ben and Sapph worked on their skills,  and surprisingly - both boys showed a love and talent for music that was unexpected. In the manner of twins, much of their play was co-operative and there was very little if any squabbling.

Ben overcame his nappy-phobia and taught both boys to use the potty. His proudest moment was when Boz crawled his way to the potty and put himself on it, without help.

Their moment of transition occurred while Ben was at work.

The Nanny had taken a day off, and Sapph was left at home alone with the boys - something that she felt very nervous about.

"Mumma, Mumma" Jan and Boz called out together, "Come, Come" They rarely spoke alone.

Sapph ran to the boys room worried that they'd eaten something bad. There she saw her boys bending, stretching, and turning around.

"I'll get the doctor!!" Sapph cried out in panic.

"Mumma, Mumma!" the boys called again. Sapph was almost hysterical with worry.

But then the lights, and the levitation happened and both her darling boys transitioned to children.

They ran to her and put their arms around her, "Mumma, Mumma we growed up!!"

Sapph laughed with relief "Yes my boys, you have!" She hugged them back.

Neither Sapph or Ben would say that they have favourites... But Ben always had the hugest grin on his face when Jan raced out to greet him on his return from work. He was always full of questions, and Ben hoped that one day his boy would grow up to work in medicine too. Though Sapph thought that his creative skills being so well developed, he could be an artist or musician - anything at all that took his fancy.

Boz on the other hand, just loved to dance and talk with his mum. He loved hanging out with her. He was shy around strangers but was always making his mum and dad laugh. Sapph had a soft spot for Boz and his sense of humour.

Their first two days of childhood was a weekend and since Ben was working a 9-5 five day week, he was able to spend the whole weekend with them, playing games and generally enjoying being a dad without having to worry about timetables.

Sapph loved having her whole family together. She wished that somehow, they'd win the lottery and could always be like this - it was her fantasy. She never expected it though, after all that would require her to buy a ticket!!

The time of day that Sapph liked best was that time before she and Ben went to bed, but after the boys had dropped off to sleep.

If Ben had let her, she would have watched them sleeping all night. The way they were completely relaxed,  the dreams that animated their faces.

She tucked them in and sang a song in Bohravian to them, though they knew none of that language. It was the lullaby that her babicka had sung to her all those years ago.

It warmed Ben's heart to see how much Sapph had improved, and how much her fierce love for her boys figured in her determination to get well.

Monday was an exciting day for the whole family - it was the first day of school for the boys and they were up with the lark, getting ready, having breakfast and asking their parents all about school. Ben was off to work, and for Sapph it was her first day back to the Research Assistant job. They'd booked the nanny to look after the boys for the two hours difference between school and work, and Sapph spent the day anticipating hearing all about the boy's first day at their school - who they met, what they learnt, whether they had fun.

So it was a shock to Sapph when she got home to see a stern woman in black with a tight French plait was putting HER boys into a blue official-looking car!!!

"Hey!! You!!! What are you doing with my boys!!!" Sapph ran over to the car, opening the door and trying to pull her boys out. Both of whom were crying and calling her name and putting out their arms to her.

"I'm from the Department of Social Welfare." The woman said, "Step away from the car ma'am or I'll have to call the police."

"Give me back my boys! Give me back my boys!" Wailed Sapph getting hysterical.

"I'm sorry - we've had a number of complaints about your parenting skills, and we were tipped off that you left your boys here without supervision. If you want your children back, you'll need to apply for them - with adequate evidence of your ability to be a good parent."

With that, the woman drove away, and Sapph collapsed onto the footpath and cried. When Ben came home, she was still there - still crying.

"What's happened?" Ben asked, kneeling down beside her. "Are you alright? Where are the boys?"

Sapph clung to him, a new wave of sobs racking her body - "The boys are gone - they've been taken away by Social Welfare."

"huh?" Ben looked dazed, "What? Social Welfare? There must be some mistake?!"

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