Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Jimmy Phoenix - 05 - Moving In

It wasn't long before Jimmy got some visitors... and yup! even after 4 years, Stacey was still beating up on Prof. Zoe.

"You're a user Prof! You should see the mails I've got on you. I've written to the Chancellor - you'll lose your job. You'll regret the day you stole my boyfriend."

"I was never your boyfriend Stacey - we were friends. I've been engaged to Zoe for 4 years now. If you don't get off my property - I'll call the police."

"Yeah - and I'll have you charged with assault and battery." Zoe hissed.

"Charge away! What do I care? You hag!" Stacey spat back.

Jimmy finally did what he realised he should have done the first time Stacey started beating up on Zoe - he rang the police. Stacey was taken away in handcuffs.

"I'm so sorry Zoe. I shouldn't have procrastinated about dealing with Stacey."

"It's ok Jimmy. I should have dealt with her myself. As it is, she's already done her worst."

"What do you mean?" Jimmy looked at her inquiringly.

"I've been sacked." Zoe looked at the ground, "They discovered that the degree I have, is one I wrote for from the internet. They've thrown me out."

Jimmy looked shocked.

"So... I'm telling you this, so you know - if you want to break off the engagement, you can. I'm sorry that I lied to you about my work." Zoe couldn't look at him.

Jimmy looked at her. "Do you love me? I mean really love me?"

Zoe looked at his feet, and then slowly raised her eyes to his face.

"Yes." she said simply.

"Then there's no problem - you move in here with me, and we get married."

"Are you sure?" Zoe asked.

"Very sure." Jimmy replied. "I love you."

Their first night in Jimmy's new home was full of .... activity .

But there was more of them there than either of them realised at the time.

"Wow!" Jimmy said eventually, after he caught his breath.

"Yeah" Zoe panted, "That was like the first time! You are amazing my love!"

"And so are you." Jimmy turned to Zoe, and planted a tender kiss on her lips.

He wrapped Zoe in his arms, and they slept.

Jimmy almost burst with happiness at having Zoe with him when he woke up. He could hardly speak, he was so happy - with the thought that they would grow old together. That they would sleep like this for ever. Jimmy was content.

The next day, more visitors from the neighbourhood turned up, Darren Dreamer and Dina Caliente.

Darren and Jimmy got on like a house on fire - and an impromptu concert for the ladies, got them cheers and catcalls.

Dina seemed strangely quiet though around Zoe.

Zoe noticed the way Dina's eyes followed her, and wondered if there was something more there than friendship between them.

But she was more interested in Jimmy, and in his excellent playing skills. (Knowing how he used those hands on her as well, made her shiver).

They were both glad that they had made new friends that day.

"Jimmy, I should look for a job." Zoe said later while they ate Chinese take-away, "but I'm feeling very tired and worn out."

"You don't have to work Zoe, you can be a stay-at-home wife, if you like and just have babies."

"Babies?!" Zoe replied surprised. "That's not something I ever thought about. You don't want babies straight away, do you?"

"Well," said Jimmy after a pause, "I don't want to wait too long - it's better to enjoy children while we're young and have the energy to run around with them. Besides which, you're 9 days older than me - if we leave it too long, you won't be able to have children at all."

Zoe looked down, "Thanks for reminding me."

Jimmy kissed her tenderly on the lips. "I want little Zoë's around. You're too special not to want to have more of."

Jimmy got himself a job as a wedding photographer. Zoe felt strangely bereft when he wasn't with her, but it wasn't long before she decided she would contact the new people she had met.

Dina's attraction to her was a bit more obvious when she came around - and although Zoe hadn't encouraged her at all, she was feeling very flattered by it.

But Dina's old fiancée came with her, and he was immensely jealous.

"How dare you flirt with my fiancée - you have no respect for me or my position in this community? She's mine. Leave her alone."

"But, but.. I haven't done anything!" Zoe wailed. "I only invited her over for friendship's sake."

"I don't believe you - your reputation proceeds you Prof. Zoe Barrett - I got told about you by one of your students. A girl named Stacey."


  1. OMG, poor Zoe! Everybody's always beating on her. And LOL at her degree from the internet!

    These are awesome! Oh man, TS2 was such good times! I'm feeling very nostalgic about it now. :D

  2. Thanks Laura. Yeah - Zoe has it tough. Although she makes it tougher for herself later. It comes from being a woo-hoo sim with a family sim. To be fair, things do lighten up later.