Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Jimmy Phoenix - 08 - Crossing the Line

Matthew and Mark are lovely boys, and Jimmy spends all his time with them. He loves to watch them sleeping (as does B.H.I.S.) And they are perfectly behaved. Their relationships are good with each other and their father.

The more time they spent together, the more they developed their own interests, and language that didn't include their mother.

Matthew and Mark love Darts. Jimmy lay on the bed, and discussed the Llama's next game.

"Hi guys!" Zoë stood in the doorway, and sounded enthused "Can I join you?"

Matthew looked at Jimmy. Jimmy looked at Matthew and Mark. Then he looked at Zoë, and she could tell from the guilty look that she wasn't wanted.

"We're just finishing up here honey - we'll join you downstairs for dinner soon, if that's ok? Can we have Mac and Cheese?"

"I suppose so." Zoë couldn't hide the resignation from her tone, "I'll whip up some Mac and Cheese right now."

Later at the dinner table, she might well have not been there. Everything they talked about was foreign to her.

"How's your school going?" Zoë asked Mark,

"Fine Mum. Dad - when the half-back makes a flying pass, what's the best way to intercept it?"

"Well son..."

Zoe went back to her food. At least that didn't leave her out.

     Mark came home with special homework. Zoë offered to help.

"Uh, Mum. It's history. I'd rather Dad helped me. That's what he got his degree in."
"You don't need a degree to do school history lessons, Mark. I can help."

"Mu-um" Mark whined, "Why can't I do it with Dad?"

"Fine. OK. Do it with your Father." Zoë went and made herself a Caesar salad.

When Jimmy came home, he called out "Zoë - I think Matthew's playing in the bathroom again! Will you deal with it? I'll help Mark with his homework."

Zoë finished stuffing the salad in her face. "Sure" she grumbled. "I get to mop up the mess. He gets to act the hero."

She could hear the splashing as she got up the stairs. "MATTHEW!! Don't make me come in there and stop you! I'll teach you a lesson you'll never forget!"

The splashing quickly ceased. Matthew looked at his feet. "I'm sorry mum."

"How about I get you a mop and you clean it up?" Zoe looked at him severely.

"Awww Mu-um! Can't I go downstairs? I've got homework to do."

"What happened with your homework when you were playing in the water?"

"I was kinda doing this as a science project." Matthew grinned wickedly.

"OK." Zoe said resignedly. Matthew had his father's charm. Zoe just wished Jimmy would use it on her occasionally. She picked up the mop and started dealing with the latest mess. "Cleaning. All I do is Cleaning."

"Anything wrong, honey?" Jimmy's voice wafted up.

"No. Everything is fine." Zoe said. "fine. fine. fine." she repeated to herself sotto voce.

Finally, after a long week, Jimmy and Zoe made it to bed at a reasonable hour without being absolutely exhausted.

Zoe smiled winsomely at Jimmy "Hiya gorgeous husband. I've been looking forward to having you here with me tonight."

Jimmy smiled back at her "It's been a long week honey. The boys and my job keep me very active. Perhaps you should try some more activity. I notice you've been putting on the pounds lately."

"You could lose the love handles." he reached over and gave her waist a squeeze.

"Are you saying I'm FAT!!" Zoe almost shouted, and sat up.

"Shhh you'll wake the boys. Not fat - just well upholstered. You're more woman than I married."

"I've had twins. That does things to a woman's body."

"Honey, I love you - I just think you need to pay attention to your body."

Zoe lay back down and turned away.

It's not like you do, she thought - and cried silently into her pillow. She listened to his breathing until he fell asleep - then she went downstairs and fell asleep on the couch.

Three weeks later, and a regimen of working out to the "Too Chirpy to Live" Channel, and Zoe had regained her svelte figure. Her anger at Jimmy grew as she exercised.

"Love Handles. Like he notices." Zoe said through gritted teeth. "Fat am I? I'll show him."

Now that the kids were at school she had time to spare.

"Blast this, I'm going to invite Dina over - we had some good laughs together. She can't keep avoiding me." She rang Dina.

"Sweetie! I've been thinking about you - I'll be right over." Zoe felt unusually pleased. At least someone's thinking about me, she thought - Dina's a good friend!

When Dina saw the sad look on Zoe's face, and how attractive she looked she couldn't help it.

"Sssss Sweetie! You're hot, hot, hot!" Dina looked at her provocatively. "I want to eat you all up."

"Dina!" Zoe laughed nervously and looked around, "You're just as wicked as always!"

"How can I be good when I'm with someone as attractive as you?" She leant into Zoe, and was pleased when Zoe did not pull away.

"Give us a hug Girlfriend! I'm so glad to see you!" Dina gathered Zoe into her arms, and kept on looking straight into her eyes. Zoe looked back. The Hug turned into something more than friendly, but Zoe was just grateful that someone was paying her attention.

"Zoe. May I?" Dina looked at Zoe's lips. Zoe looked back at her breathlessly, and said nothing.

"I'm going to take that as a yes." Dina moved in closer and kissed her tenderly on the lips.

Zoe's knees went weak, as Dina kissed her again, this time more passionately.

"I think we should go inside." Dina said as she held Zoe against her - shoulder to shoulder and hip to hip. Zoe nodded and laid her head on Dina's shoulder.

Zoe dismissed the maid. "I'll clean later."

Dina headed up to the bedroom. She lay back on Jimmy's side of the bed and watched Zoe enter the room.

"I can't - not here. That's where Jimmy and I ... it's wrong Dina." Zoe sat down on her side of the bed.

"Listen lover. You are aching for some love and attention. This bed hasn't been used for that for months. It's time we put it to the right use." Dina reached for Zoe, and began kissing her enthusiastically.

Zoe was reluctant at first, but more and more she felt warmed by Dina's attention and kisses.

"Oh Zoe, you're so beautiful." Dina said . Zoe drank up the compliments like  a thirsty man at an oasis.

Soon thinking was over. All there were, was soft murmurs, hands, and lips. Tender looks, and passionate embraces.

Before Zoe knew what was happening, Dina and she lay sweaty and out of breath next to each other. Dina's hands playing in Zoe's hair.

"I could lie with you for hours." Dina murmured. Her hand drifted across to pull Zoe to her.

At the mention of time, Zoe looked over at the clock "OH MY GOD!!! You've got to go!"

"What? Why?" Dina didn't move

"Jimmy will be home in 10 minutes!!" Zoe jumped up and started running around. I've got to clean up. I've got to change the sheets! You've got to go."

Dina grabbed Zoe and held her still. She kissed her deeply. "Settle. Meet me at the community lot tomorrow. Promise me."

Dina kissed her again. "Promise!"

Zoe kissed her back. "I will. Now go."

When Jimmy got home, he noticed that the place was spotless, and there was a strong smell of cleaning fluid.

"I'm so pleased you're taking an interest in the home Zoe." Jimmy hugged her briefly before going up to change out of his work clothes. "You've gone over this place after the maid has been, haven't you!"

Zoe looked at her feet. She couldn't look at Jimmy the rest of the evening.

The next day, Zoe hurried down to the community lot. Dina was there waiting for her, and smiled hugely.

"Come on lover - you need some new clothes."

Zoe followed her in, and spent a welcome few hours trying on new clothes, and being praised for her figure and her colouring by Dina and the clothing store staff.

"Anyone would think I was beautiful, the way you go on." Zoe laughed, as she carried her parcels out. "I've spent a packet here today. How ever am I going to justify this to Jimmy?"

"Tomorrow we're getting you a new look my sweet one. It's time you felt good about yourself!" Dina growled huskily, and pulled Zoe towards her.

Zoe was unsure that she should be doing this in public, but Dina had no such scruples and kissed Zoe lustily.

Zoe enjoyed the kiss, but she felt like someone was watching and she started to pull away and say "Dina, not..."

Her shoulder was grabbed and she was forcibly turned around.


Jimmy slapped Zoe across the face hard. Zoe could feel her cheek stinging, as she started to cry. "What?!?" Zoe was incoherent.


Jimmy hit her again. "OUR MARRIAGE IS OVER. YOU TART!!"

Zoe looked at him stunned, and put her hand to her cheek. "Jimmy!" She stretched her other hand out to him.

He looked at her then turned on his heel and marched away. The whole lot looking at them.

The wedding party he was photographing  watched as he walked away... "What about our wedding photos?"

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